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HAIKU TUESDAY: Turn One Carnage Edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

I had so many ideas this week, I couldn't wait to put them down. The minute the story editor opened, I BUMRUSHED the typing process, resulting in a flood of jumbled thoughts, random phrases, and misplaced words. I had 15 haikus written on ONE LINE going into the first carriage return. Naturally, it was a trainwreck and some of my best poems were eliminated early.

You know what that's a metaphor for? HIGH SCHOOL.

Haikus after the jump...

Marco on his lid.
Bad luck? Bad choice? Or his
Adonis DNA?

Sato comes home fifth.
Kanaan with a podium.
Who saw
THAT coming?

Fourth place for Swiss Miss.
No word of SI cover.
Waiting for swimsuit?

Super Dario.
That's all you can call him now.
In his own zip code.

Hey there, Twinkletoes.
Probably not a good line
If tires in the grass.

John Barnes on Twitter.
A team owner talks to fans.
A novel concept.

Justin, Bia out.
Broken hands slow their season.
Heal quickly, my friends.

Ryan speaks his mind.
That he was wrong matters not.
Refreshing candor.

Kimi to NASCAR?
Not quite Nigel to Indy.
No reason to kvetch.