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HAIKU TUESDAY: Giant spider edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

You know, I genuinely don't know which creeps me out more about Barber Motorsports Park: the giant arachnid parked out by the racecourse, or the endless large-scale versions of the Flying Cocksman unicycling around the premises.

On the one hand, GIANT SPIDER. On the other, FLYING COCKSMEN. Each is terrifying for its own reason... spiders, because they're creepy-crawly evil instruments of death (or at least major annoyance and heebie-jeebies and night terrors), and Flying Cocksmen, because they have ill-disguised giant iron male parts and represent the excesses of modern art.

Thank goodness for the calming influence of haiku. Poetry helps ward off my nightmares for a time... although it's inevitable that now I'm going to dream about well-hung eight-legged unicycling death machines tonight, so HELLLOOOOO INSOMNIA.

Poetry after the jump...

Turn five at Barber
May turn out to be the straw
That broke restarts' back.

Hunter-Reay: "Who, me?"
Will he accept that excuse
From other drivers?

Simon Pagenaud.
Five syllables in his name.
In his pants? Huge stones.

Will Power's weekend.
He got revenge for St. Pete.
He done checked out, yo.

A redneck command.
"Y'all start yer engines?" Really?
‘Twas no Motegi.

TK got frisky.
10 cars passed on the first lap.
Passing festival.

Simona's tied for fourth.
Fourth in the standings, that is.
Not half bad, Swiss Miss.

Hot Wheels Indy stunt?
Will make some headlines for sure.
Feels out of place though.

Poor E.J. Viso.
Each season needs a wanker.
I guess it's his turn.

Robin? ON TV??
He did a capable job.
Color me impressed.

Wally and Marty
Were great VERSUS additions.
I liked Kevin too.