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HAIKU TUESDAY: Long Beach F-Bomb Edition

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Look, I know that if you took the cuss words out of a driver's daily vocabulary, you'd be left with something that looks like a "Mad Libs" sheet, to wit:

I __________ can't __________ believe that that _____________ guy _____________  _________ed the __________ with that ___________  ____________, __________ it!

No race driver ever met an obscene gerund he didn't like, is what I'm saying. So when Marco Andretti let fly with his favorite adverb on live TV, it really shouldn't have shocked anyone.

Far more shocking, I'd think, are his sunglasses. Last time I saw those, they were on Paris Hilton. Gadzooks.

This week's poetry after the jump...

Ridiculous starts.
Drivers didn’t even try.
A labor dispute?

Wilson’s spin cycle.
Nerfed, then equipment failure.
A dizzy driver.

Mayhem on restarts.
But not one double-file.
Cue the clown music.

Kudos, Conweezy!
Maybe now they will replay
Your win, not your wreck.

Oh, E.J., my boy…
With your spins and wrecks, you have
Become a punchline.

Look! It’s Danica!
She did some passing on track
While turning right too!

No worries, Big Bird;
It may not have been a win,
But a strong finish.

Mayor of Hinchtown
Made us say "Oh Canada!"
While PT fumbled.

Newman-Haas Racing
Hasn’t looked so good on track
For a lot of years.

Not a hashtag anymore.
Celebrate, Pippa!