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HAIKU TUESDAY: Samba juice

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

It's a beautiful Tuesday out, and somewhere in Brazil the musicians are tuning up their instruments for a full day of singing songs about BRAZILIAN COFFEE. (What? That ad campaign is over? CURRENCY FAIL.)

Sadly, most of us are stuck in decidedly less inspiring surroundings. I, for instance, am working on being slowly poisoned by the fluorescent lights overhead. YES, I KNOW THAT THEY AREN'T RADIOACTIVE.

That's why we do Haiku Tuesday - it's good for the soul. And sole, actually. I guarantee* that your feet will feel at least 70% better once you're done reading this post.

* Not actually a guarantee.

Sun Drop signs for more.
I guess they want to be on
The tip of the spear.

Vitor’s a new dad!
Let’s hope he has a good race
For Juliana.

We’re off to Brazil.
Will the race winner opt to
Dance the "coffee dance"?

The ‘Net was abuzz
With Race Control angst this week.
Brazil improvement?

Something is missing.
This season still lacks its heart.

Think Pip is still buzzed?
Her tweets now contain extra
Exclamation marks!

May 1st is May Day.
I hope the racers don’t take
That literally.

Focus on Brazil,
But notice what month it is.
It’s the Greatest Month.