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INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Brazil)

SCREAM FOR ME BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SCREAM FOR ME BRAZIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's no shock to me that in the infancy of Robin Miller's IndyCar race-day broadcasting career at NBC Sports Versus everybody already hates each other.  He spreads the hate.  He loves the hate.  He wants YOU to love the hate.  He wants the drivers to EMBRACE the hate.  The ever-popular Helio Castroneves is now a marked man, EJ Viso is hitting women (among other things), Paul Tracy's already been penalized TWICE, legend Al Unser, Jr.'s credibility is shot, Scott Dixon is displaying emotion(!) with his anger at Will Power and even Simona De Silvestro let her disgusted feelings be known about being punted by Tracy (okay, it wasn't much…but for her happy self that's somewhat of a first).

Of course he also has spread the hate of Brian Barnhart to new levels….but we knew he was going to do that anyways.

So, what does all this anger, FUBAR'ed restarts, punting, wrecking, and other forms of havoc do to the Power Rankings heading into Brazil?




1.  Dario Franchitti


Previous Ranking: #2 (+1)

Helio Castroneves' biggest fan.


2.  Will Power


Previous Ranking: #1 (-1)

NOT Helio Castroneves' biggest fan.


3.  Oriol Servia


Previous Ranking:  #5 (+2)

Of course a fan of Salvador Dali would do a 360 doughnut and dive into oncoming traffic after an accident and pull it off.  Dali wasn't what you call….normalREALLY not normal.


4.  Alex Tagliani


Previous Ranking:  #8 (+4)

Tomas Scheckter called him out on twitter that he draws on his goatee before every race.  I believe him.  Somebody that precise with his car would be that precise with his face.


5.  Tony Kanaan


Previous Ranking:  #3 (-2)

Good news:  He's the highest non-Penske/Ganassi driver in the points standings.  Bad news:  Was beaten by Danica.


6.  Simona De Silvestro


Previous Ranking:  #4 (-2)

Welcome to the "Chrome Horned by Paul Tracy" Club, Simona.  You are member #56,457.


7.  Vitor Meira


Previous Ranking:  #7 (no change)

Quietly he's having a good season.  Usually nothing with Foyt is ever done "quietly".


8.  Scott Dixon


Previous Ranking:  #6 (-2)

Anger?  Emotion?  THIS GUY?!?!?


9.  Mike Conway


Previous Ranking:  unranked

As he crossed the line 27 British RAF Spitfires flew overhead and THIS could be heard on his radio channel.


10.  Danica Patrick


Previous Ranking:  #15 (+5)

This has to be the best she's looked on road courses since her pre-NASCAR days.  Now, if only she can get this qualifying thing figured out….


11.  Ryan Briscoe


Previous Ranking:  unranked

He'll definitely take that finish.  Also with Helio's blunders he doesn't appear to be as expendable….unless he screws up at Indy again.


12.  Rafa Matos


Previous Ranking: #12 (no change)

He's not having a bad season….but it isn't that good enough to be noticed.


13.  James Hinchcliffe


Previous Ranking:  unranked

As the Mayor of Hinchtown he's accomplishing many feats in just a short amount of time:  1.  First Top-5 finish in just his second race.  2.  Making Newman-Haas look like its old self again.  3.  Inventing a new way for humans to wash themselves hands-free.


14.  Justin Wilson


Previous Ranking:  #11 (-3)

Broken wrist or not it just doesn't make sense that he's this far down in the standings after four road-course races.


15.  JR Hildebrand


Previous Ranking:  #10 (-5)

He better show something on the ovals or The Mayor of Hinchtown will have the Rookie of the Year locked up by Mid-Ohio.



DNQ (Bumped from the field)


Takuma Sato


Previous Ranking:  #9

Starting to look like his 2010 self again…not good for him, great for Dallara.


Ryan Hunter-Reay


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Nothing has gone right this year.  At least he doesn't have to worry too much about sponsorship like last year.


Graham Rahal


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Last year with Sarah Fisher Racing at this point in the season he had a Top-10 finish.  With Ganassi this year….nothing.


Marco Andretti


Previous Ranking:  #14

He took the blame for that accident….WAIT, WHAT?!?!?!?


Helio Castroneves


Previous Ranking:  #13

The Golden Bowling Ball is awarded to a driver for running into others.  At this rate his trophy case at the end of the year will look like THIS.