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While the boss is busy celebrating his 67th birthday (give or take about 33 years) I've come to the rescue yet again.  What is it with him and missing the most important Haiku Tuesday of the year?  Whatever, I guess that's why he pays me the big save his behind.

*Checks contract....notices "volunteer status" part*

DAMN.  I do this for free?  Dan Wheldon only works once a year and gets paid 2.5 million.  Boy do I feel like a sucker.

Who cares.  Haiku's after the jump....and feel free to add your own.

Yes, the best Indy
Of this generation


Get this hash-tag trending now

Not a ride buyer

Not the first JR
To hit wall, finish P2

Al Unser, JR

Danica leading
Not enough fuel, Dan wins

An acid flashback?

Thank you, Simona
For the picture
, sorry for
Jinxing you all month

Old man Penske mad
Looked like monkeys f**king a

Football on Sunday

NASCAR so desperate
Can't top Indy 500

Junior with no gas

I swear if I hear
"A Texas Two-Step" next week
Scud missiles get launched