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INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Milwaukee)

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<em>"Milwaukee....the good land."</em>
"Milwaukee....the good land."

Well, so much for the smaller teams "catching up".  Now that Penske and Ganassi are back to their regularly scheduled dominance already in progress I guess that makes my job a little easier here at Pop Off Valve.  One thing that we did learn Saturday night after the twin races was that Will Power finally got his oval demons conquered.  Dario can piss and moan all he wants, but Power drawing 3rd starting spot in the 2nd race was one of the very few lucky breaks he's had on the ovals.  If it wasn't for the pit mistakes by Power's team Dario doesn't win the title last year.  You didn't hear much bitching from Will…

The other thing that happened was as strange and surprising as I can think of…

KV Racing.  Didn't.  Wreck. 

We know Kanaan is a badass, but Sato and Viso looked damn good Saturday night.  Wait, did I just type THAT?  For the first time ever ALL KV CARS will be ranked in the Top-15 this week!  YES!  It's happened!  PRAISE THE LORD!

So, what does that do to the rest of the rankings?



1.  Will Power


Previous Ranking: #4 (+3)

He won on an oval.  That was the LAST thing the field needed to see.  Pencil him in for the title.


2.  Dario Franchitti


Previous Ranking: #2 (no change)

All that bitching and moaning doesn't hide the fact that the rules were the same for everybody.  Ah, poor Ganassi Racing….having to deal with all that "dirty air" with mingle with the riff-raff.  Boo-hoo.


3.  Tony Kanaan


Previous Ranking:  #5 (+2)

For those wondering what's gotten into KV Racing and why there looking so good now….just look to him.  For those wondering what's happened to Andretti Autosport and why there so mediocre now….just look to his absence.


4.  Scott Dixon


Previous Ranking:  #6 (+2)

Karma repaid Ganassi Racing for his blocking Power during Race 1.  Did ANYBODY think he was going to try and pass Dario?  No.


5.  Oriol Servia


Previous Ranking:  #3 (-2)

After Indy it seemed he was going to make an attempt and possibly make the title race a three man fight.  Nope.


6.  Alex Tagliani


Previous Ranking:  #10 (+4)

Engineers...PPPFFFTT!!!!!!!!!!  Who needs 'em?


7.  Vitor Meira


Previous Ranking:  #9 (+2)

Next year the team owners should draw for the driver's starting spot.  That way if SuperTex draws P30 for Vitor he can rip the tire off the rack and punt it into Turn 1….and smack Bob Jenkins on the back of the head "for hosting such a stupid G**D*** show."  Something like that.


8.  Graham Rahal


Previous Ranking:  #8 (no change)

He bitched about why his teammates were faster on Friday, and was smitted with fuel pump failure Saturday night.  Not a great night to be the Chipster....


9.  JR Hildebrand


Previous Ranking:  #7 (-2)

Apparently, he added injury to insult with a banged up knee.


10.  Danica Patrick


Previous Ranking:  #11 (+1)

Maybe if GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons got his wish the field would pull over for his precious princess for both races.  This is racing.  Nobody pulls over….unless you're in a Ferrari.


11.  Ryan Briscoe


Previous Ranking:  #13 (+2)

That was better….but if he wants to keep his seat for 2012 he better wish for a couple of wins or Helio's retirement.  After what we saw Saturday neither might not happen.


12.  Marco Andretti


Previous Ranking:  #15 (+3)

A nice night, but because of the twin-race format his long winless streak grew by two more.


13.  Helio Castroneves


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Nobody needed a good, productive and quiet night more than him….and that's exactly what he got.


14.  Takuma Sato


Previous Ranking:  unranked

When he settles down and doesn't go banzai, he can perform and hang with anybody....even on ovals.


15.  EJ Viso


Previous Ranking:  unranked



DNQ (Bumped from the field)


Mike Conway


Previous Ranking:  unranked

I didn't believe his confidence was lowered on ovals because of that Indy crash….until now.


Simona De Silvestro


Previous Ranking:  #12

Porkchop?  Why didn't she name it after something fast like "White Lightning" or "Veyron"….


Justin Wilson


Previous Ranking:  #14

We get it.  You're not great on ovals.  That doesn't mean you should go out there and pick P30 like that….


James Hinchcliffe


Previous Ranking:   unranked

"Halftime" showed us that The Mayor can work a crowd.  Now if only he can work an oval like that.


Ryan Hunter-Reay


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Rumors of Michael Andretti trying to bid for Kanaan's P1 spot are (mostly) false.