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The Paddock Pulse: June 29 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

There is no better motivator to get me concentrating on publishing the Paddock Pulse than having Train's Dynamic Duo of Songs That Make Me Want To Eviscerate My Own Brain Pan With A Spork - "Hey Soul Sister" and "Marry Me" - playing in the background.

I just thought that needed to be said.

Links after the jump...

  • Iowa! [15 Days in May]
    Thank goodness for racing, because otherwise saying, "Iowa!" would be like saying, "Tax Law Seminar!" or "Test Pattern!" I kid, I kid. After all, I'm writing this from a city that is so blazingly hot (we can probably grill burgers without lighting the propane burners right now) that it seems redundant for people to tell me to go to hell.

  • Danica Patrick's last, best shot for win? [ESPN/Oreovicz]
    The thing about including links to content published prior to the past weekend's race is that occasionally you get entries like this one, which seem incredibly funny/sad in context of subsequent events. It is nice to be reminded that at one point we were all pleasantly surprised about the Iowa front row before HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • Marco Andretti's blog: Coping with realities [RACER]
    You know what I just said about hindsight and context? Marco Andretti's win at Iowa makes this blog full of justifications for Andretti Autosport's oval struggles look a lot different than it did on Friday, doesn't it? On the bright side, at least the next couple of blogs will probably be less of the "glass is half full" type.

  • The tire incident: on officiating and perspective [More Front Wing]
    Steph put a lot of thought into this post, with painstaking rationale and research. Kind of a kick in the tenders, then, to hear INDYCAR's rationale was that it was a judgment call based on etiquette, huh? That'll never backfire on the series, of course, because everyone understands when rules are adjustable based on subjective criteria... RIGHT, O2RT?

  • An Interview With Josef Newgarden [Oilpressure]
    George gets personal with a talented young kid who I've been able to watch race since his Stars of Karting days. If I were to add a question to this Q&A, it would be the same one I've had for years: "DUDE, WHY DON'T YOU CHANGE THE SPELLING TO 'JOSEPH'? AREN'T YOU AMERICAN???" Because nothing's funnier than nationalism, right?

  • Pork Chop -- the Car Behind the Woman -- Speaks [pressdog]
    I honestly can't wait until Bill interviews someone's Nomex underwear. YOU KNOW IT'S COMING. The sad thing? It'll be more entertaining than about 80% of my own writing. Then again, if I could score interviews with inanimate objects, perhaps I wouldn't have to write about my adventures eating expired Thin Mints.

  • INDYCAR: Iowa Rewind [SPEED/Pruett]
    You know Pop Off Valve's weekly feature, "WHAT WE LEARNED"? Imagine it written much better, with deeper insight and more forethought and consideration. I say, "imagine," instead of saying, "Hey, read this article by Marshall Pruett," because if I did the latter would you even read "WHAT WE LEARNED" anymore?

  • Milwuakee – A Tribute to the "Weekend Warrriors" [Official IndyCar Blog]
    When Chris Jones refers to "Weekend Warriors" at Milwaukee here, he is not, in fact, referring to drunks with giant beer bellies that barf their half-digested brats all over the windshield of your car as you are trying to exit track parking after the race. I just wanted to point that out. For clarity.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@12WillPower: @tagliani bs I had my personal chef waiting on you hand and foot

Last But Not Least 

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.