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SB Nation app for iPhone: Because mobile browsers are for backmarkers

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Believe it or not, Pop Off Valve is actually a member of the sprawling, monolithic SB Nation blogtropolis. Sure, in the grand scheme of things we're probably that crappy fake turquoise dealer on the Route 66 of sports blogging, but technically we ARE still part of the network.

So the news that the new SB Nation iPhone app hits the Apple Store today is something we want to get out to YOU, the loyal Pop Off Valve reader... as well as everyone else who visits the site who are more likely to have happened upon us by accident.

The SB Nation iPhone app is the greatest of all Internet-available products - FREE SOFTWARE. Install it on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iBall, iCantBelieveItsNotButter, etc.) and you'll have instant access to the fourteen billion SBN blogs, the main portal, and - yes - even Pop Off Valve. You can read, comment, filter, and just browse the hell out of the whole SBN platform with all the gorgeous graphics and usability and none of the ulcer-causing annoyances that mobile web browsers give you.

You can check out this video to see how it works, or if you're really impatient you can go straight to the Apple Store and download it. If you like it, give it a good review. Even if you aren't fond of it, give it a good review (they told me they'll buy me a Happy Meal if enough people like it!).

(P.S. - An Android version is also in the works for those who didn't spend all of last night in mourning about Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO. Be patient.