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HAIKU TUESDAY: Nap-a Whine Country

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

Sooooooo, you may have noticed it's been a while since I've waxed poetic around here. Part of this is because it's painful to wax things, even poetic (I may be thinking of a different type of waxing, actually... and I didn't even know I had a "bikini line").

But it's Tuesday, and really there's nothing that says "Tuesday" more than Haiku Tuesday - an Internet tradition since at least last year!

I'd say something about how haiku's simple structure can still yield deep meaning and peaceful contemplation, but I'm pretty sure you folks had plenty of contemplation (of the inside of your eyelids) on Sunday.

Still, hit the jump and prepare to be SUPERCULTURED!

Sonoma vineyards.
A lack of passing results
In a vintage whine.

No issue ugly enough
For it not to work.

Sunday, no birds flew.
Power held aloft fingers.
Not middle this time.

Saavedra's hill climb
Was quite impressive... but son,
This was not Pike's Peak.

NASCAR fans are thrilled
That Danica is switching.
So are we, really.

Giorgio got gypped.
His "block party" pales before
Dario's Twitter.

Poor luck for TK.
Sadly, no Porta-Potty
To kick in anger.

Great run by Plowey.
See what happens when you race
Online with bloggers?

Need a quick caution?
Don't throw debris on the track...
Just stick out your Tung.

Baltimore is next.
No earthquake or hurricane
Can stop the parade.