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INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Baltimore)

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Can we deport Barnhart instead?
Can we deport Barnhart instead?

It's been a long, ugly summer in the IZOD IndyCar Series.

Who knew Marco's epic battle with Kanaan would be the high-water mark of it? That was back when the summer STARTED. Since then we've had the Toronto saga, drivers going on probation after Edmonton, a snoozer at Mid-Ohio, the epic meltdown at New Hampshire, and now the even bigger snoozer of Sears Point. But there's been much more than just the races. This summer we've seen Power vs. Dario at Toronto, Power vs. Tagliani at Toronto, Brian Barnhart doing what he does best (or worst, depending on your point of view), owners rejecting the aero-kits and they being delayed until 2013, the complete unknown (and unwanted) Lotus/Judd engine, drivers going on probation and even one being deported.

What's NEVER ugly, regardless of the season, is the weekly Power Rankings. Who's on top this week? Who's the biggest mover?

Meh, it was Sears Point. Don't expect too much.

(Don't worry. Silliness resumes next time with a street race. Silly street racing cures the boring late-summer blues.)




1.  Dario Franchitti


Previous Ranking: #1 (no change)

Most drivers would be somewhat worried about their shrinking point lead. Most drivers aren't Dario.


2.  Will Power


Previous Ranking: #2 (no change)

Could it be that one of the greatest meltdowns in IndyCar might be the starting point of one of its best comebacks?


3.  Scott Dixon


Previous Ranking:  #3 (no change)

Please, like he was ever going to take points away from his teammate and pass him.


4.  Oriol Servia


Previous Ranking:  #4 (no change)

With TK's DNF it's looking like the "Rebel Alliance Cup" (non Penske/Ganassi teams) is looking more and more like it's his to lose.


5.  Ryan Briscoe


Previous Ranking:  #8 (+3)

You better believe the Captain was paying attention to him blocking Dario from the podium and precious championship points.


6.  Tony Kanaan


Previous Ranking:  #5 (-1)



7.  Ryan Hunter-Reay


Previous Ranking:  #6 (-1)

Wasn't there a time this year he was a back-marker in results and the point standings?


8.  Marco Andretti


Previous Ranking:  #7 (-1)

GoDaddy sponsored the Andretti's because 1. It's Mario. Enough said. 2. Michael is now married to a former Playboy Playmate. 3. Marco has already once taken his shirt off for a commercial.


9.  Graham Rahal


Previous Ranking:  #11 (+2)

That's the first time in a month that nobody hit him.


10.  Vitor Meira


Previous Ranking:  #9 (-1)

They knew I was on to them getting "hot" Honda engines since their Honda announcement, so they shoe-horned in a lousy VTEC in the engine bay for the race.


11.  James Hinchcliffe


Previous Ranking:   #14 (+3)

 Ever since I’ve told him that he needs to Always Be Closing he's been doing exactly that.


12.  Danica Patrick


Previous Ranking:  #10 (-2)

There was a point Ed Carpenter was ahead of her. We get it. You don't like the road-courses anymore.


13.  Alex Tagliani


Previous Ranking:  #12 (-1)

The rumors are he's on the hot seat a bit. He did win the pole for Indy, right?


14.  Takuma Sato


Previous Ranking:  #13 (-1)

You better believe Scott Dixon was ever so nervous late in the race with him all over his gearbox. WHILE A LAP DOWN.


15.  Helio Castroneves


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Welcome back?


DNQ (Bumped from the field)


JR Hildebrand


Previous Ranking:  unranked

Once again, another hometown driver comes up empty.


EJ Viso


Previous Ranking:  unranked

There IS a good driver in him. The problem is that the good driver inside of him will take yet another extended vacation (especially during street races) starting NOW.


Mike Conway


Previous Ranking:  unranked

The Baja 1000 takes place a little further south, son.


Ana Beatriz


Previous Ranking:  unranked

She's no longer a pretty face on IndyCar's "missing persons" poster...


Simona De Silvestro


Previous Ranking: #15

...but she is.