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INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Mid-Ohio)


Okay, according to my calendar today is Friday.  That means I must post one of these things as a preview to the upcoming race.  Usually I do that, but this week is a bit different.  It's 3rd down and I'm sending in the punt coverage team.  Why?


It's not what you would call an exciting racetrack.  There's not too many places where an Indycar can pass cleanly.  Also Will Power racing on a road-course having serious motivation to close the gap in the championship battle usually means one thing: The Kangaroo-Hop will most likely be in full effect this Sunday.

See?  There isn't much to preview for the upcoming race.  Mid-Ohio has never been a race much of us fans look forward to.  The races are generally dull and the only hope for excitement is the two-wide restarts which will most likely get screwed up considering how short the front-stretch is and if it rains on Sunday (forecast is sunny...damn).  Only one thing made Mid-Ohio interesting to watch last year (I miss that livery, and I wonder who that "certain slow car" was).

Sorry for the lack of effort.  Don't time is NEW FREAKING HAMPSHIRE.

(Hey, I didn't kill enough time for ya?  That last link is 20 minutes worth right there.  Trust me.)