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HAIKU TUESDAY: Getting in the sushi mood

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image

I always enjoy writing Haiku Tuesday the week before and after a race in Japan. Well, actually, I don't enjoy it so much as write it in total fear that some Japanese reader will chance upon it and tell me exactly how badly I'm perverting the form and ruining poetry for everyone.

But hey, tremendously awful verse-writing aside, I always feel like it's much more appropriate to haiku when the IndyCar folks are headed for the land of Plinko, anime, raw fish, awesome schoolgirl outfits, shaggy bangs, and the birthplace of the show that inspired Wipeout.

You may think I'm making fun of Japan here, but I'm not. Hell, after last night's Tea Party debate, I'm about ready to book my own ticket for Japan. I'd rather spend a week in one of those tube-room hotels than listen to someone say that abolishing the minimum wage would be cool because then super-rich companies could hire twice as many people and still actually save money in payroll.

But I digress! For there is poetry to be read, and you're NOT READING IT. Jump, fools, JUMP.

Problem, Danica?
With GoDaddy, you should be
Used to glowing green.

Wheldon will pinch-hit
And run for the 2.5.
Make a fan rich, Dan.

Regulars are mad.
They think they should get more cash.
Better finishes?

Conquest's new ringer
For sure is no "Frank Draco"...
Better driver, though.

Pippa comes back soon,
And Buddy and Fuzzy too.
Full time next season?

Hope the flight over
Is all the air time we see
For Tony Kanaan.

Hoping Taku wins.
A great day for some great fans.
We're "With You, Japan."

Birthday for Meesh Beer.
Cover up your kids' ears, folks;
She might start cussing.