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HAIKU TUESDAY: IndyCar in a merry land

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Haiku Tuesday Splash Image
Haiku Tuesday Splash Image


A street course. On the dastardly EAST COAST, in a city that hates Indianapolis with a passion because of something stupid regarding NFL teams.

Total recipe for failure, right?

Sure enough, the Baltimore GP totally failed, and by "failed" I mean was a huge, unbelievable success story. I can only imagine the sinking feeling in the guts of all those "traditional" fans when they saw all those thousands of fans clogging the Baltimore streets (and, memorably, even watching from the balconies of high-rise buildings) and realized that their favorite non-Indy oval probably wouldn't pull as big of a crowd even if the promoters offered free wings, beer, and naked chicks.

It was certainly a memorable weekend, and we immortalize it in the glory of haiku for your reading pleasure after the jump...

Turn 1 safety truck
Screaming back to your alcove
Not so safe to me.

Fans in Baltimore
Flooding the grandstands and streets
A sight for sore eyes.

Hairpin parking lot,
Can't figure out the order...

Who needs a turbo
With a 10-second victory?
That's Power right there.

TK in the tires
Then sniffs out a podium.
Too many nose jokes.

Servia P2.
Baltimore loves him for it.
A true Oriol(e).

Briscoe, Hunter-Reay.
The season will end with them
Spearing each other.

Five-point interval
And another road course race
Next on the schedule.

I see backs of heads.
Does not explain what goes on
Inside those guys' minds.

Rahal sticks with Will
Until pit stop goes awry.
Ball-kicked by the fates?

Loved Robin's Grid Run.
But please, Miller, work out some!
No coronaries.