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The Paddock Pulse: February 22 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

So I was thinking, "Why can't IndyCar have its own version of 'Linsanity'?"

You know, the whole media circus around Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks? And how everyone and their brother's iguana seems to be throwing around Lin puns like they were drops of saliva from a sneeze?

I think it's high time we in the IndyCar world got our OWN star-inspired puns going. So, in the ongoing tradition of greatness and cutting-edge in-the-now hipness that IS the Paddock Pulse, I'll get us started. Or should I say... get Unser started?


Okay, this may take me longer than I thought.

Until I get it sorted, here are your LINks for this week (GAH! EVEN I AM NOT IMMUNE!).

2012 Cars – IZOD IndyCar Series [11rowsof3]
Thanks to David for the eye candy, and while I'm at it, what the hell IS eye candy anyway? I mean, is it some sort of licorice eyedrops or maybe you rub a Twizzler in your tear duct or something? It sounds painful and not at all sweet.

What's the Over/Under on Indy Qualifying Speeeds? And Should We Really Worry About It? [15 Days in May]
Winner of this week's longest headline, although points get taken off because Mike slipped in an extra "e" in "Speeds." Don't go there, man. It's like tissues in a bra or a sock down the crotch.

The Power of a Hat [anotherindycarblog]
Interesting formula here: free stuff = fan for life. Though I presume that it depends on what stuff you give out. I can't see someone becoming a die-hard fan of a race team that sends them a free roll of CITGO-branded toilet paper.

Who is Luca Filippi? [Indy Racing Revolution]
I'll tell you who Luca Filippi is NOT - the newest guy on Robin Miller's Christmas card list. Although next time Robin eats at the Olive Garden, he probably shouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get that extra breadstick he asked for.

IndyCar Challenge: 33 Days, 33 Letters [IndyCar Advocate]
Zach has a great idea for crowdsourced marketing for IndyCar. Which I think IndyCar LOVES, because that really saves them some buckage in the budget which can now go towards more holograms.

The current State of INDYCAR: anticipation [More Front Wing]
I'm pretty sure that this was written before the ZOMG SARAH FISHER DOESN'T HAVE AN ENGINE kerfuffle which brought the sky crashing down around everyone again. Nice to be reminded that we were once optimistic about something, though.

Can you smell what IndyCar is cookin’? [New Track Record]

Sarah Fisher’s Engine Dilemma [Oilpressure]
It's heartening and very sweet how the IndyCar community has rallied around Sarah Fisher as her brand new DW12s sit without motors. You guys are gonna do the same thing for Mike Shank and Conquest too, right? Right?

Moving Toward Product Differentiation []
Bill risks being burned as a heretic when he says that IndyCar and NASCAR oval racing aren't different enough to allow them both to flourish independently. Probably best not to mention that NASCAR's Modified Series does open-wheel oval racing better than IndyCaaaaaHEY, LOOK OVER THERE! PUPPIES!!

Driver Tweet of the Week

@WadeCunningham: Stepped out of the box today. Had my chocolate chip cookie before the raspberry cheesecake cookie. New horizons!

Last But Not Least

With enough courage, you can do without a reputation.