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The Paddock Pulse: February 29 Edition

Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash


In honor of this singular event, I present to you the following image:


Oh yes, people, we spare NO EXPENSE here at Pop Off Valve. (We tried to get a jet dryer and blow it the hell up, but a] we couldn't get permission from the local fire marshal and b] apparently the hipsters think that exploding jet dryers are already passe now. WE MISSED OUR WINDOW.)

So enjoy this SUPER EXTRA SPECIAL collection of links and remember... in four years, it will be four years later!

Test, Testing, TESTING, 1,2,3…..can anybody hear me? Over? [WideOpenWheel]
I don't have the heart to tell Paul that his mouse is not a microphone.

Trackside Rolls out the Butcher Block [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
This is kind of an Inception-style addition, considering that I'm giving Meesh publicity for her giving publicity to Trackside giving bloggers publicity, and I'm doing it in a post giving bloggers publicity. Shit. Now I have a migraine.

Guest Blog: Lindy Thackston Talks about Her New Horizons []
Bill's got a lot of good stuff this week, but all due respect, Bill, you don't stand a chance against #THACKONTRACK. That's right, folks, LINDYCAR is back amongst us, and she's representing VODKA, baby. That's the spirit. *dies in fusillade of groan bullets*

No More Room For Haters [Oilpressure]
My question - do the Legions of the Miserable fly around in a big Darth-Vader-helmet-lookin' headquarters/spaceship like the Legion of Doom did in "Superfriends"? If not, they ought to get on that. It'd really help their PR with the geek set.

A Bowl of Indy Stew: Day 2, 1986 [New Track Record]
The second entry in what apparently is "Back to the 80s" week here on the Pulse. (No matter what happens, I am NOT posting the photo of me with the mullet and parachute pants. NOT ON YOUR LIFE.)

Indy journal: 1987 [More Front Wing]
SPOILER ALERT: He enjoyed the race. (No, but seriously, read the whole thing. Particularly the part about his dad, which makes my snark look even more douchey.)

The Return of Tomas Scheckter? [IndyCar Advocate]
Is Tomas Scheckter returning to IndyCar? You'll know for sure if you get a scent of JAWN in the air. (I have no idea if I'm using that word correctly, but more importantly, I don't really care.)

Favorite Engines of Indy - Part 2 [Ground(ed) Effects]
I always thought "Offenhauser" sounded like a bit from a Steve Martin standup routine, to wit: "Someone asked me, 'Do you get a chance to go to Indianapolis?' I replied, 'Oh, every so Offenhauser.' KING TUT!"

Attention all Historians: IndyCar Need Us, A Call to Action [anotherindycarblog]
I get the point of the CALL TO ACTION here, but I have a secret fear that Roy Hobbson will catch the fever and start writing epic Wikipedia tomes about how the export of psychedelic Venezuelan beaver cheese led to formation of USAC.

Sarah Fisher Proves It Helps to Be Nice to People [15 Days in May]
The best thing about Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing's PR about the new engine was how Rahal's help was termed "paying it forward" instead of "payback." Because as we all know, EVERYTHING WAS BETTER WHEN THE ENGINES WERE IN FRONT!!

Making INDYCAR better … personally [11rowsof3]
If you ever wanted to read an EPIC POEM about one man's search for a webmaster job, then it's your lucky day. AND HE DID GO FORTH AND WIELD HIS MIGHTY HTML 5 SCEPTRE...

Driver Tweet of the Week

@stef_wilson: Wow they brought the beach to Daytona 3 & 4!!

Last But Not Least

One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.