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The Paddock Pulse: March 14 Edition

Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

I know what you're really thinking - only three days until St. Patrick's Day! Well, not to distract you from thoughts of green beer and even greener projectile vomit the next morning, but we got a racing season coming up.

Yes, folks, the IndyCars are seeing actual, legitimate track time - first at Sebring earlier this week, now at Barber Motorsports Park. Pretty soon we're going to have some honest-to-goodness racing action and I'm pretty sure nobody is going to know what to do with themselves after what seems like seven billion years of off-season.

Get pumped up for the REAL green by catching up with the blogosphere with the links following the jump.

Delta Wing; The Car That Should Be Running At Indy [WideOpenWheel]
I have to admit, the Le Mans Prototype version of the Delta Wing looks a lot better than the IndyCar version - mostly due to the lights which make it look less like a giant vibrator and more like a hungry vibrator-shaped falcon.

Public Perception Versus Lotus’ IndyCar Reality [US Race Report]
Public perception is not the most reliable yardstick by which to judge a business, as evidenced by the fact that nobody to date has tried to bring Oscar Meyer down in a fiery uprising because they sell us sausage tubes full of rat anuses.

Who will miss pack racing? [Rev Limiter]
Another 5 1/2 paragraph gem from Joel here, further cementing the fact that I am the Joe Biden of IndyCar journalism.

The Flip Side of the Microphone – Lewis Franck [Queers4Gears]
Lewis and I have this thing where we get punning on Twitter and have to force ourselves to stop. In a way, it's a good thing because we're learning restraint that way. But is it worth the punishment for our followers? (And yes, I can actually HEAR your eyes rolling.)

Hinch on Being Funny, Wearing Green and Growing Facial Hair []
I was all set to nickname Hinch "Kermit," in an homage to the eponymous frog's "It's Not Easy Being Green" song, but man, you just can't beat "The Electric Booger" for a nickname for GoDaddy green.

The 1962 Indianapolis 500, Fifty Years Later [Open Wheel America]
Fifty years ago, I wasn't even a gleam in my parents' eyes. Again, not sure about the turn of the phrase there, but for the record and for clarity's sake, I wasn't even an inseminated egg undergoing mitosis either.

For New Car Liveries, Image Is Everything [Oilpressure]
George brings the eye candy this week; I've always wondered about that phrase, though, because once I put pixie stix in my eyeballs and it was not anything near pleasant.

A Bowl of Indy Stew – Day 3, 1986 [New Track Record]
Part three of the Indy Stew, and I don't know about you but if I eat stew for three straight days I start needing to look for the Immodium. TMI, I know, but you gotta balance yourself, you know?

IndyCar Preseason Fan Survey Results! [IndyCar Advocate]
I was all set to do a week's worth of fan polls and then Zach comes along and does them all IN ONE BLOG POST. Dude. Pace yourself, otherwise the boss will expect ALL of us to be this hardworking.

2012 Indycar Season Predictions [Across The Bricks]
Thank you for this, Kieran, because now we have something to hold over your head like a literary Sword of Damocles for the whole season. Although if you're right, I apologize for the snark and will you please buy me three hundred lottery tickets?

Turbo! IndyCar Goes Hollywood [15 Days in May]
Ryan Reynolds, the guy who first became a star in Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place and soared to critical acclaim in Green Lantern will be the voice of a new animated movie where a snail wants to race in the Indy 500. I SMELL OSCAR!

Driver Tweet of the Week

@SHANNON_MAC: This morning: 1) made a failed attempt at a bang trim. (it's ok I can kinda hide it) 2) Thot a craisin was a big and tried to smash it.

Last But Not Least

I got a good mind to join a club and beat you over the head with it.