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The Paddock Pulse: March 7 Edition

Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

Spring Training is upon us, and already Will Power is lighting up the track. No, seriously, the guy is on fire. Really. Like, he has had two car fires in two days. Not quite to tighty-whities stage, but it's getting a little stupid, I think.

But I digress. The Honda and Chevy teams are vying for top honors in testing, while the Lotus teams are just hoping they qualify for a participation trophy at this juncture. At this point, I think Chinese Democracy had a more reliable release date.

But I digress. Again. At least the cars are on track, yo. And obviously I'm so happy about it I'm talking like the most despicable hipster on the planet. Yo.

Anyway, to complement the resumption of on-track action, we have a legitimate ASSLOAD of new Pulse links for you to look over. So get reading, because you don't have much time before St. Pete!

Accelerating towards St. Petersburg; GET THOSE HASHTAGS RIGHT, WILL YAS [WideOpenWheel]
Paul scoops the entire IndyCar world with his photo of Lotus' proposed aero kit, modeled by no less than Mario Andretti!

Barrichello Brings Respect, Legitimacy to IndyCar [US Race Report]
HEY LOOK, I FOUND SIMBA! Boy, you need to stop canoodling with Nala and get back to the Pridelands before the hyenas take over, and I should just shut up right now before I start singing "Circle of Life."

And Here’s What I Have To Say About That… [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
For some reason, reading this blog post makes me want to give Meesh a giant kiss on the lips - which probably would result in her punching me into last week. NO PROBLEM - I've always wanted to time travel!

Going Forward By Looking Back [Rev Limiter]
Joel makes some terrific points here in a very short space, which leads me to believe that the days of the uber-wordy blogger are numbered. Shit.

IndyCar Sees More Twitter Integration, Hashtags, Driver Engagement in 2012 []
Personally, I think the best way to use social media to promote racing is to have the drivers treat fans like they were real human beings and not PR marks. But I guess hashtag communities will work too. I think.

How Level Is The Playing Field? [Oilpressure]
Hmm, seems pretty level so faAAAAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEeeeeeeee... (falls into giant Lotus chasm, never heard from again)

Ratings versus Racing [New Track Record]
"To move forward in sports, or life for that matter, people have to possess a willingness to forget the past." Are you sure you didn't mean "wallow in the past"? Or have I been spending too much time with the "engines in front" crowd?

"Next Danica" search needs to end [More Front Wing]
I can't believe that someone is actually looking for another Danica. Can't we just get Olivia Wilde to put on a firesuit?

Give INDYCAR's Stars A Chance To Shine [IndyCar Advocate]
I think Zach makes some great points here, but he fails to address the one GLARING problem - THERE'S AN EXPOSED BUTTCRACK GAP NOW BETWEEN US AND NASCAR. Someone had better get on that. (Someone besides Hinch. No offense, Hinch.)

The Most Important Turn of the Season [Ground(ed) Effects]
No pressure, of course.

Honda Shank Fisher and Tracy… A Tale of Broken Hearts [anotherindycarblog]
Am I the only one that got a Lifetime Movie of the Week vibe out of that title? Or at least a country song? OK, probably not the latter, because we're still short a giant bottle of whiskey and a cheatin' wife what with her face done blown off.

Part 2. Media, Social Media and the Driver's Responsibilities [15 Days in May]
Look, racers, we're not asking you to take us out to dinner or anything... we just -- well, hold on a second, because if you DID take us out to dinner it'd be AWESOME. We promise to be a good date. Second base, at least!

Rubens Barrichello … moving the needle? [11rowsof3]
GAH! DON'T TOUCH THAT NEEDLE! DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT THING HAS BEEN??? Oh wait. Sorry. Wrong type of needle. Carry on.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@Hinchtown: @BeccyGordon I'm kind of in love with your dog

Last But Not Least

There's absolutely no organic flowthrough.