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The Paddock Pulse: April 18 Edition

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Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

Early this week, we were treated to the somewhat unbelievable sight on Twitter of Mario Andretti calling out Graham Rahal for dissing the Andretti family name to the Associated Press.

Now, I can't stress this enough - Mario Andretti is at an age where most of his contemporaries set cheese out to feed their computer mouse, and yet the guy laid down the Twitter smackdown with the aplomb of a basement-dwelling teenager. That deserves respect. Then again, he IS one of the greatest racecar drivers of all time.

Graham, for his part, seemed surprised at the callout, which isn't too big of a shock because Graham is only 26 and the days when the Associated Press was considered the capo di tutti capi of the media world are as far behind us as those when everyone got their news from actual newspapers. So he could be forgiven, maybe, for thinking that his dropping a verbal assloaf on the Andretti family to the AP might not cause the ruckus it ended up causing.

What does this mean for us? TRAIN WRECK, BABY! That's right - it's rubbernecking glory! Amazingly enough, though, Twitter War III barely resulted in a mention or two in this week's Pulse links, so maybe the blogosphere is maturing a little.

Once you stop laughing at that last line, please hit the jump for this week's links.

Open-Wheel Chapter Closed For Paul Tracy? [SPEED]
This has been coming for a while now. Look, I like Paul Tracy, but at this point it's like asking Matthew Broderick to play Ferris Bueller again. (Come on, you all saw the Super Bowl commercial. Tell me you weren't at least a LITTLE sad.)

Gaynalysis: IndyCar Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach [Queers4Gears]
The fact that I virulently, violently, vociferously disagree with Ross about his assessment of Josef Newgarden's move in T1 at Long Beach should in no way dissuade you from reading this recap. It should, however, make you want to join MY side - we can call our team the V3 Disagreers. T-SHIRTS ON THE WAY!

Uncle pressdog's Fireside Chat & Week in Review []
Someday, someone is going to try to conceptualize "bullshit sunshine" in art form - I hope it's not too soon, because it'd be hard to beat the mental image I have of it.

Make Better Use Of Our Legends [Oilpressure]
I agree with George here - except that INDYCAR needs to figure out who their legends are. Given the way they haven't figured out what "combined stats" actually means yet, it may take a while.

New Track Record’s Ten Worthless Opinions – The Grand Prix of Long Beach [New Track Record]
"It seems my pleas have been ignored. If anything, ass has been deleted. Maybe the reason ass for Robin Miller is in such short supply is because Charles Barkley has convinced everyone to go to Weight Watchers." Mark... you had me at "ass."

INDYCAR must stay the course [More Front Wing]
This may be a new first for INDYCAR - a fan telling them NOT to change something. As dissatisfaction is as vital an ingredient to INDYCAR fandom as cumin isn't to cake frosting, I must applaud Paul for breaking with tradition. Then I must castigate Paul for breaking from tradition, because WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT TRADITION. Now I'm all confused.

ANALYSIS: Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach []
RACER recently revamped their magazine and have apparently given Tony DiZinno more free rein to publish stuff like this. BASTARDS. Stop raising the damn bar!!

Is Probation For Rahal Fair? [IndyCar Advocate]
I know at least one person who doesn't think so.

How I Saw It Happen… The High Flying Heartbreak, Edition [anotherindycarblog]
Why Eric didn't embed Winger's "Headed for a Heartbreak" in this blog post, I will never know. OPPORTUNITY MISSED, man.

Long Beach, Where To Begin? [15 Days in May]
Mike has the exact opposite problem that I do - I never know where to end my articles. It's why I have been awarded the "Biggest Blowhard in the Blogosphere and That's Saying Something Because Bloggers are Blowhards by Nature But Man This Guy Makes Everyone Else Seem Quiet and Unassuming" Award for twenty straight years.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@MarcoAndretti: For those who thought I was not making the corner. You can go sit in one. :) On to Brazil.

Last But Not Least

Well, here's to the merry-go-round.