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INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Brazil)

Remember Lotus teams...RAIN DANCE, not storm dance.
Remember Lotus teams...RAIN DANCE, not storm dance.

"The Friday Setup" will be a preview of the upcoming races and the schedule of the weekend events (practice and qualifications) leading up to race day. Also it will include other forms of rambling about the upcoming race (and the overall state of IndyCar) by yours truly, because I got to somehow bring up the word-count so SBNation will allow the posting of this article/schedule so you can see it. Or something like that.

Normally I'm supposed to at least a proper preview the upcoming race, but being this is Brazil and there's a chance for rain most of the weekend I can't quite, and no one else can. In year one of this event we saw Mario Moraes decide to park his car on Marco Andretti's head on lap one turn one and less than an hour later there was a hailstorm. In year two we saw Helio, Danica, and Simona decide to create a very awkward threesome on lap one turn a downpour. That was the second year in a row there was a race-altering storm/downpour and we could see another Sunday, if not during practice/qualifications as well.

So, year three? With rain chances every day? With a new car that has had only one full race weekend (without weather) of practice? DERPfest: Long Beach was just that from the first turn of the first lap to the last turn of the last lap. Take that, multiply by two, add water, hail and a fire tornado and you'll get Sao Paulo 2012.

No matter how DERPtacular the race will turn out to be (Dallara is going to make some COIN this week), it will pale in comparison to the (remaining) Lotus teams who have to make due with such a power disadvantage with such a long straightaway that's 0.9 miles long. That means there would be enough time going down that straight for Bourdais to phone home and make arrangements for Le Mans, Simona to also use the phone (but her arrangements would be for finding another IndyCar team) and Legge to sing the entire score from the HMS Pinafore. (I promise that will be my last Simpsons reference for a while...)

Why did I become a Simona fan...

Why couldn't I have picked Will Power, who is going to win this weekend (AGAIN)?

(Race weekend schedule AND Pre-Race Snack of the Week after the jump)

TV Schedule (NBC Sports Channel)

Qualifying, Saturday 6pm Eastern
Race, Sunday 11am Eastern

(INDYCAR 36 will air prior to pre-race)

Race Weekend Schedule of Events

ALL TIMES LOCAL (Sao Paulo is an hour ahead, geography majors would know they're a bit more East than us)

(IndyCar events only this week)

Saturday, April 28th

8:05am - Practice (GROUP A)

8:35am - Practice (GROUP B - all cars)

11:05am - Practice

2:05pm - Qualifying

Sunday, April 29th

8:30am - Warmup

12:00pm - Race (75 laps)

Pre-Race Snack of the Week: Fast Food Lasagna

I couldn't come up with a meal of my own this week. I mean this is Brazil, and it deserves something astronomical. Something biblical.


So of course I yield the floor to the crazy Canadians of Epic Meal Time.

I want this meal in my life.