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The Paddock Pulse: April 4 Edition

Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash


Oh, hi. Didn't hear you walk in. I was just going over the ratings report from the Barber race and... um... checking the venturi valves on this gas-powered oven! Yeah.

Anyhoo, approximately the same number of people who follow me on Twitter who aren't spambots got to see a tremendously entertaining and well-executed IZOD IndyCar Series race in Alabama this past weekend. There were almost as many people actually AT the race as there were tuned in on the boob tube.

Predictably, this has led to a rash of howling and gnashing of the teeth and so forth, which as we all know is completely atypical for IndyCar fans. I mean, everyone saw that top-ten finish from Sebastien Bourdais and the Lotus coming, right? No? Well, hmm.

To get back on track, you'll get a bunch more feedback on this week's race in the latest Pulse links. Most of it was written pre-ratings, so I'm sure the Sylvia-Plath-level stuff will be delayed until next week. Enjoy!

Barber Post-Game [15 Days in May]
Son, this is not a GAME. The Hunger Games is a game. Game of Thrones is a game. The Game is a game. (Oh shit. I JUST LOST THE GAME.)

How I Saw It Happen… A Gorgeous Facility PLUS RACE, Edition [anotherindycarblog]
Look, Eric, I get that you wanted to talk about side-to-side contact. I get it. Really. But... um... IndyCars don't have doors. Unless you were using "Door Bangin'" as a euphemism for... y'know what? I'll just stop right there.

J.K. Rowling, Contrition, and Wagers [Ground(ed) Effects]
Word of advice - NEVER apologize for stream-of-consciousness blogging, because if we can't rely on stream-of-consciousness for blog posts, we'll actually have to perform JOURNALISM. And man, that's just HARD.

Notes From The Barber Race: Pass-O-Rama [IndyCar Advocate]
Someday someone is going to write a blog post titled "Rama-O-Rama." On that day, I shall rejoice and consume mass quantities of tasty beverages, for we will have achieved meta-metamorphosis.

ANALYSIS: IndyCar 2012, two races in [RACER/DiZinno]
So I guess RACER is moving towards more dynamic opinion and analysis, which I'm betting is because they were tired of not seeing their names in lights in the Pulse. I'm flattered, fellas.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Barber [More Front Wing]
No acknowledgement of my suggestions last week for spicing up this weekly post-race tet-a-tet between Paul and Steph - but that won't preclude me from offering more! Like, JELLO WRESTLING!! /non-sequitur

Random Thoughts On Barber [Oilpressure]
George was actually at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama and composed this from the passenger seat of his car on the way home. The problem with blogs written on the go is that you don't see the pizza and Mountain Dew stains on them like you might have back in the day when we used pens and paper. OLD SCHOOL!

IndyCar – Massive Momentum Post Barber [Open Paddock]
Gonna guess this was written before the ratings info from NBC Sports Network was released.

IndyCar Should go on the Power Play with Its Fan Advantage []
What? Make the product enticing for fans? It's not the FANS' responsibility to sell the product, but vice versa?? YOU'RE TALKING CRAZY TALK, MAN.

and so it continues… [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
Meesh tells how her impulse to give up on IndyCar was erased by the St. Petersburg race, making that the best thing to come out of the St. Petersburg race. Not sure if she'd have felt the same if she'd seen it on ABC.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@alex_lloyd: I need an ice cold drink - got a mouth like Gandhi's flip flop.

Last But Not Least

We got places all over the place.