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THE BRONZE BADGE CHRONICLES: Now it's a full field

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The calm before the storm...
The calm before the storm...

"The Bronze Badge Chronicles" is about my experience with the infamous "Bronze Badge" garage pass. IndyCar fans can purchase one and can be given access to Gasoline Alley for the Month of May. Last year was my first year with the badge. This year, the 2012 Indianapolis 500, is my second year with the badge.

DAY THREE: May 17th, 2012

You know that awkward feeling that you know today isn't that important as the next day? It was the day before Fast Friday, so we didn't stay too long. I snapped a few pictures, stayed for a bit, and headed home.

...but not before some interesting pictures, and confirming Dragon Racing actually LIVES.

(Photos after the jump)


Obligatory Simona pic. Of course.

Actually, this was my only one of her. I didn't stalk her as much as usual. I must be maturing.


That hat. Seriously, Jean. Somebody NEEDS to tell him.


Will Power's death stare...? Once seen by Dario Franchitti. Just like what Dario discovered, it has no effect.


Okay, why must these bikes have such small wheels? Smaller wheels means you must pedal MORE to generate the same speed as bigger bikes.


Kanaan wonders where the speed is. At least KV didn't stick with Lotus, Tony...




This is the look of a very, very happy Frenchman. Seriously, that's it.


Katherine Legge in a firesuit at Indianapolis. I repeat, Katherine Legge IN A FIRESUIT at Indianapolis. It's really going to happen for her.