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HAIKU TUESDAY: Happy Penske-Ganassi Schadenfreude Day

Today we celebrate Penske-Ganassi Schadenfreude Day, a most wonderful time of the year. It's a time for merry IndyCar fans to bask in the glory of the Red Car Empire's defeat and laugh at Chip Ganassi and Roger Penske while they clean up the mess. It's a time that comes so rarely these days, but it makes for sweeter celebrations when they do come. Earlier this year the sports world celebrated something similar with Patriots Schadenfreude Day, with the presents and cheer being plentiful as well. With evil New England's defeat Justin Tuck got himself a new Master Shredder/Cadillac grille, Tom Brady's wife Giselle got heckled by rowdy New Yorkers with a camera and Eli Manning became a real boy.

This time we celebrate Penske and Ganassi's (temporary) downfall in IndyCar this June. Not only have they lost the last two races, but BOTH of them were on ovals and the last race saw NONE of them finish in the Top 5. The last time such non-Top 5 sweetness happened was The Glen in 2008. Yep, FOUR YEARS AGO. Not only did all that happen last Sunday but an American (!) was the one crowned victorious while TK and the Mayor of Hinchtown joined Ryan Hunter-Reay on the victory podium.

Let us celebrate this new semi-annual international holiday. As a present to you all we'll bring back a past Pop Off Valve tradition this week and speak in poetic verses: HAIKU TUESDAY.

I have a feeling we might be in for either a Dixon or a Dario snooze-fest in Iowa. Let's enjoy this while it lasts.

(Merry haiku cheer after the jump)

Glorious carnage
Chip and Roger defeated
Did that just happen?

No Top 5 finish

For the Evil Empire?
Praise this Crapwagon

Screw you, ABC

Twice on ESPNews
This year? WTF

It's Ryan's first win

At the Mile....well, to the
IRL fanboys

Ernesto Viso

Running cars to the Top 5
Not into the walls

Uh, #HinchForHomepage ?

Try #HinchForChampionship
Second place thus far

The June rain showers

Brought wilted Lotus flowers
Please free Simona

Legge was no wanker

Power, there was no blocking
Just you running slow

Briscoe's chop-suey

Broke Dario's gold horseshoe?
No more Five-Time talk?

Ryan Hunter-Reay

Tony Kanaan, James Hinchcliffe