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HAIKU TUESDAY: More Penske/Ganassi schadenfreude...because MOAR

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Are we living in a Robin Miller wet dream? If so, WHERE'S MY SEVEN TENDERLOIN SAMMICHES?

Anyways, this is almost too much to handle. It's been HOW LONG since Penske/Ganassi won a race? Has the Chipster started a new diet? Did The Captain recently re-purchase Smart Car shares? Did Helio switch hair-gel makes? Is Dario contemplating a duet tour with Wynnona Judd? Whatever has caused this dearth in wins from IndyCar's evil empire, we need to find out the cause and do it 50-times over. We can almost TASTE an American title at this point.

It's high time we start erecting statues to Ryan Hunter-Reay, like, NOW. Is it overreacting? Hey, we've done worse in the sports statue department lately. The RHR statue needs to have Ryan curb-stomping Ganassi and holding Penske by the throat. A scantily-clad Beccy Gordon embracing shirtless Ryan's studly manliness will finish off what will be the greatest American statue since that liberty one the Frenchies gave us a while back. Probably.

Well since we can't build statues in this blog, let's instead erect 17-syllable columns of mirth as we yet again dust off another HAIKU TUESDAY post.

This week's haikus after the jump...

Summer vacation
Roger and Chip gone fishin
Searching for mojo

Indy area

Longest drought since ‘88
Since Simona's birth

Ryan Hunter-Reay

For once, he's hotter than his
Wife Beccy Gordon

The last time we saw

A yellow car this studly
Me so Sam Hornish

Dallara prices

Sky high, Viso not wrecking

Lotus updated

So that the engine would quit
Just one lap later

Silly Season must

Involve Simona leaving
Team that killed Porkchop

Well, #HinchForHomepage

Not a big success

The huge lack of DERP
On Toronto's streets made up
In the last few laps