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The Paddock Pulse: July 18 Edition

Paddock Pulse Splash
Paddock Pulse Splash

I was inspired recently by the IndyCar owners' desire to postpone aero kits for another year. So inspired that I took the opportunity to follow their rationale with regards to the Paddock Pulse.

No, really! You look through our site archives, and our body of work is top-notch. Why spoil it by writing new articles that might suck? If they suck badly enough, people will start to forget how awesome the older stuff was! I CAN'T HANDLE THAT KIND OF REJECTION.

Why not just let the current list of articles continue to provide warm fuzzies for the reading public? And yeah, the fact that I won't have to expend any energy on anything creative is a bonus, but primarily THINK OF THE PUBLIC!

Yeah, I felt really good about my decision-making there for a while. Then I realized I sounded like a lazy jackwagon with no sense of perspective, so here's this week's Pulse.

Q&A Laken Kurtz: Doing Good by Graham [...and he’s on it]
The surprising thing about this interview is not that Graham Rahal's girlfriend is the subject - it's that it's probably the most in-depth Q&A posted this season with ANYONE involved in IndyCar. A year from now, of course, we'll all be remembering the good old days before girlfriends had their own PR handlers.

Monday Stuff [15 Days in May]
When Mike Knapp takes 8 days off from blogging, he comes back with epic tomes like this. Me? I forget how to type and can't figure out how power switches work.

Airing of Grievances… The False Hope Edition [anotherindycarblog]
Eric says he smells something a bit fishy in the games the IndyCar engine manufacturers seem to be playing. Considering that in actuality the games are represented by a seventy-foot-tall pile of rotting giant carp, I'd say his assessment was generously mild.

Alternate End-of-Race Options [Ground(ed) Effects]
You mean that SunDrop isn't ALREADY ipecac-flavored?

Edmonton Indy With Stefan Rzadzinski [IndyCar Advocate]
STEVE RAD. Enough said.

Toronto: Steph’s Sunday thoughts [More Front Wing]
According to Steph, things aren't all rainbows and cute, fuzzy bunnies between the IndyCar paddock and the Beaux Barfield-led Race Control, which of course they aren't because a functional, respectful working relationship in IndyCar would likely rend the fabric of space-time into small shreds.

Ten Worthless Opinions – Ennui Edition [New Track Record]
Somewhere, someone is going to read the title of this post and say, "What the hell is in-NOO-ee?" thereby rendering unnecessary anything humorous or snarky I could say to describe it. The world's consistency is comforting at times.

Simona de Silvestro – A Lesson In Perseverance [Oilpressure]
Because you can never have enough of the Iron Maiden. Also, if I didn't post something Simona-related in the Pulse, I would probably be given an actual flesh wound by Nate.

Getting To Know: James Jakes [Open Paddock]
This is a pretty timely piece considering that the media has spent the balance of the 2012 season actively forgetting that Mr. Jakes is even in the series. Ignorance is not bliss, fellas.

Sebastien Bourdais Talks F1, Lotus, Toronto and Twitter []
This is a great interview, but if you're like me you'll see the photo in the header and spend the next ten minutes wondering, "Would Roger approve of Jay's pseudo-mullet?"

Ok Toronto, Time to Step it up. [So… here’s what I’m thinking…]
I don't know about you, but if Meesh offers a bit of advice, YOU FOLLOW IT. Even Brian Burke of the Maple Leafs, he who embodies the word "truculent," is a wilting lily compared to Meesh when her dander is up.

Jeff Krosnoff, Stay Hungry Pt. 1 [SPEED/Pruett]
If you read nothing else from the Pulse this week, read this six-part masterpiece by Marshall Pruett.

Driver Tweet of the Week

@WadeCunningham: Crushing anxiety. I just remembered I drank the last black gold last night.

Last But Not Least

Follow me or perish, sweater monkeys.