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HAIKU TUESDAY: Fun while it lasted

It was bound to happen. The fun can only last for so long. Then one day, you turn around, and it's gone. As a man once said "You never miss it until it's gone away".

Oh, you thought I was only talking about the losing streak of Penske/Ganassi, didn't you? Sure their losing streak is over and they're back; now BOTH Helio and Will are chasing down our American hero Ryan. But that wasn't what I was talking about exactly.


The Brickyard 400.

You see, the 2005 edition was my first actual taste of IMS live in person. The cars weren't blocks of wood and put on a show, and what a show it was. Tony vs. Kasey. Homegrown Hoosier vs. the young former USAC all star. Tony started deep in the field and made his way to the front WITHOUT 2-tire stops (or none at all). There was an actual fight for the win. Tom Carnegie's booming voice. PACKED GRANDSTANDS.

No more.

The same driver keeps winning, no passing, ugly machines, ugly racing, races decided by strategy and track position, foreign nameplate power-plants, the ever-changing name and sponsor of the race, empty grandstands and of course no more Tom Carnegie. The bad mojo that all but killed the 500 has taken a nearly two-month shift in time and is now haunting the 400.

Who knew the once hated IndyCar street festivals (let alone this year's Indy 500) put on better shows than the tin-tops in one of its marque events?

Dan's chassis is owning NASCAR at every (left AND right) turn. It's a shame the American audience has been brainwashed to believe NASCAR = the only racing that matters, and refuse to turn on a television. It's also a shame that many believe IndyCar still isn't what it once was despite all the improvements and that the 400 is a bigger and better race than the 500.

"Congratulations, that was the best Indy 500 I've ever seen." - Tony Stewart, in a text message to IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard, May 2012

"It's over." - Me, to my brother after Brad Keselowski lost the lead to Jimmie Johnson on a restart with still many laps yet to go in the Brickyard 400, July 2012

This week's haikus after the jump...

What "Super Weekend"?
Add up Indy's attendance
Less than THE Indy

Seabass kissed the bricks
After the wet Grand Am race
Frenching soaked mortar

Who knew the Brickyard
Would be trumped in excitement
By Mid-Ohio?

NASCAR changes cars
Every few years now, maybe
IndyCar should, too

4-time champion?
Sorry, Jimmie...but you are
No Rocket Rick Mears

ESPN thinks
400 trumps 500
Many empty seats

Okay racing fans
Pocono? Mid Ohio?
Invest in caffeine

Wait, no more Lotus?