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End of a season

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Fontana)

I'm sure the whole title fight story is getting a lot of run in the (racing) media now. The mere 17-point spread is a fine attention-getter, but in my mind it's not the biggest story: Dario and Ganassi...DENIED.

The better part of valor: Conway recuses himself from INDYCAR finale

Conway, a genial, mild-tempered Brit, has plenty of reason to hate high-speed oval racing. His shunt in the 2010 Indianapolis 500 still gets airplay even today. A similar wreck in this year's 500 was one of the most frightening tests of the new Dalla

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Fontana)

It ain't over yet. Stud Hunter-Reay will not go quietly into that good night after all. The last race is a Saturday night oval, and dammit we want our American hero conquering all. Also we want PENSKE B*TCHFACE one more time...

On mergers and unifications: enduring the long road ahead

A veteran of IndyCar unification has some words of caution for those celebrating the upcoming merger of the American Le Mans Series and the Grand Am Road Racing Series.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Baltimore)

Normally I would be rambling about the upcoming race or something else relating to IndyCar in this post. This week's Friday Setup, however, is going to be a bit different. Why? Tomorrow is Simona de Silvestro's BIRTHDAY!!! The cake is ready...

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Baltimore)

With the title chase all but locked up I'm going to have to summon up some sort of mirth to cheer us all up. With this being the internet I've got a good idea to run with. BEHOLD, POWER RANKINGS MEME EDITION!!

IndyCar a "series of the people"? Amazingly, yes.

Humility forced upon IndyCar by its tumble from grace in the 1990s has wrought a great many changes in how it appeals to people who bother to experience it.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Sears Point)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Sears Point)

An epistle from the "lost generation"

I say I'm part of a "lost generation" of IndyCar fans because, unlike the fans who came before me and those who have risen since the Split, my allegiances are shattered into as many pieces as there have been Indy car epochs.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Mid-Ohio)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Mid-Ohio)

Passion is no excuse

Passion is part of being a fan. But there is an ugly side to passion, particularly when it is used as a weapon or, worse, an excuse for vitriol. When I caught myself gloating about the empty stands for Sunday's Brickyard 400, I was appalled.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Edmonton)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Edmonton)

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Toronto)

Toronto. A physics lesson in DERP.

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Mid-season)

More short ovals, IndyCar. Because MOAR!!!

50 Shades of Black and White

The market for spicy, steamy novels was blown wide-open by "50 Shades of Grey" - but the theme breaks down a bit when it is adapted for an IndyCar audience. Read on...

My day as a backmarker

Not everyone can compete every week for the win in racing. But there is still a nobility to chasing that competition, even if your goals are far more modest than others.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Iowa)

So if this DW12 chassis can make the other ovals quite nice, what is it going to do to the already insane Iowa Speedway?

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Iowa)

I know technically this should be a mid-season Power Rankings episode, but the usual mid-season summer mini-vacation Indycar takes doesn't happen until post-Iowa. That also means I've got this blog, the Friday Setup, and BAM...SUMMER VACATION. No sleep til Toronto.

"Speed dating" with the IndyCar drivers

Having trouble getting to know the IZOD IndyCar Series drivers? Here are a few quick details that might inspire you to get to know them better.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Milwaukee)

Ah, the Milwaukee Mile. Being the oldest speedway in the world, there's a lot of history at The Mile. However there's one piece of history I'm more interested in...

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Milwaukee)

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas. The speeds. The drop-offs in speed. The size of the winners. The size of the DEEERRRRPS.

IndyCar's trust in drivers' skill pays off handsomely at Texas

For the first time in years, INDYCAR trusted their drivers to show top-level talent - and the drivers responded at Texas Motor Speedway.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Texas)

Never has there been a sport that mutilates itself so much and so often. You remember all that goodwill and buzz surrounding IndyCar after Indy? Me neither.

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Texas)

"Bump in the road" puns are bad puns. Even if muttered by Roger Penske.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Detroit)


INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Detroit)

Like I did last year the 500 winner gets the nod for 1st place temporarily this week. However, 1st place this time is the same guy who's won my Power Rankings two straight years...

The INDYCAR Fan White Paper

As rumors of power-hungry infighting dog the IZOD IndyCar Series only days after a stellar Indianapolis 500, fans take a page from the legendary Dan Gurney and voice their advice for the sport's power brokers.

Pop Off Valve and More Front Wing face off in Indy 500 charity betting pool


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