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"Just business" an inescapable reality of racing

Sometimes the bad things that happen in racing can be chalked up to the simple fact that business is business.

Growing IndyCar's fanbase is on ice

Growing IndyCar's fanbase is on ice. @IndyCar @NBCSN

Why INDYCAR drivers aren't mourning loss of double-file restarts on ovals

The elimination of double-file restarts at INDYCAR's high speed ovals has fans up in arms... and drivers breathing a sigh of relief.

It's never too early to plan for the future for driver safety

Driver safety is a paramount concern in motorsports, and although INDYCAR is debuting a new, safer car in 2012, it is never too early to think about the next generation.

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies of IndyCar!

Happy Valentine's Day, Ladies of IndyCar!

Respice ad futura, fiat historia requiem

There is a danger to the seductive act of living in the past, but IndyCar only flourishes if people elect to look forward.

Venha correr com nós, irmão Rubinho

Rubens Barrichello and the IZOD IndyCar Series are a match made in heaven... if only Rubens figures that out for himself.

The ones who got away

For all of the positive news from the IZOD IndyCar Series in recent years, fans cannot help but be plagued by the "lost generation" of young drivers who had to look elsewhere for careers.

Transforming IndyCar from a topic to a story

With only one opportunity a year to tell IndyCar's story to a wide audience, IndyCar and its broadcast partners should do their best to make that story meaningful.

2012 IndyCar puzzle slowly coming together

The 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series season puzzle is coming together slowly but surely. Pop Off Valve looks at the pieces that have fallen into place so far.

Empathy for the IndyCar ovalistas

Oval racing fans are up in arms about the lack of left-turn-only races on the 2012 IndyCar schedule... because passion rarely acknowledges logic.

Beaux Barfield takes first step into vast IndyCar minefield

For Beaux Barfield, newly-announced director of Race Control for the IZOD IndyCar Series, each brick at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway start/finish line may be an unexploded mine.

Connecting the DOTS: The DW12 and INDYCAR's short-timeline development process

Glitches in the Dallara DW12 IndyCar have fans worried, but many forget how rushed the development timeline for the car was given the circumstances.

Barnhart ouster treats symptom, but illness remains

Brian Barnhart's ouster from INDYCAR Race Control appeases critics, but it is only treating a symptom of a greater malaise in the series.

Function following form: The struggle to adapt performance to a traditional aesthetic

The new 2012 IndyCar is having its share of growing pains, perhaps due in part to the way it was conceived as an aesthetic exercise.

Thanksgiving thoughts from a real turkey

Today in Terrible Ideas: An IndyCar road race at the Brickyard...?

There's a rumor that INDYCAR might stage a second race at the famed Brickyard on the track's road course. Even New Coke wasn't this bad of an idea.

Walking the thin line between danger and safety

Can auto racing find an acceptable balance between danger and safety? And does our desire for thrills outweigh our hopes that the racers are protected?

The straight story about the scoop

For some "new media" writers, it's not necessary - or even desirable - to be a latter-day Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein.

Catharsis by generosity: the miracle of the Dan Wheldon Memorial Auction

In the midst of a terribly depressing news cycle, the Dan Wheldon Memorial Auction has stood as a beacon of generosity and hope for fans and racers alike.

Long IndyCar off-season a blessing in disguise

Getting back to racing might have been therapeutic after Dan Wheldon's death, but in reality the six-month gap between the end of the 2011 season and the start of the 2012 season is a blessing in disguise.

As the sport evolves, so should the fans

Change is inevitable in the IZOD IndyCar Series' future - it is up to the fans if they come along for the ride or not.

Defending Randy Bernard

INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard has become an unjustified scapegoat for the tragic accident that killed Indy 500 champion Dan Wheldon.

Safety is the greatest tradition that IndyCar can follow

In the aftermath of Dan Wheldon's fatal accident, battle lines are being drawn between traditionalists and progressives in the pursuit of IndyCar safety.

A note of appreciation to the ESPN-ABC broadcast team

For safety's sake, the IndyCar "pack racing" era must end

The conditions that brought about the wreck that killed IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon also produced the closest finishes in IndyCar history. Pop Off Valve explains why it is time for "pack racing" to go.

Goodbye, Dan

2011 Indy 500 champion Dan Wheldon was killed at the IZOD IndyCar World Championship at Las Vegas Motor Speedway today.

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Las Vegas)

INDYCAR: The Friday Setup (Las Vegas)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Las Vegas)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Las Vegas)

A Holier Grail for IndyCar

A Holier Grail for IndyCar

Carpenter's historic, unwitnessed IndyCar victory

If a race driver wins and nobody sees it, does he still get the trophy? A historic IndyCar victory at Kentucky Speedway went unseen by the majority of the world.

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Kentucky)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Kentucky)


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