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Tagliani ouster a full-Schmidt move

Alex Tagliani lost a ride he used to own not even a year ago because of a publicity gimmick. And it's something IndyCar fans should get used to.

Crisis of faith: A cry for help from an IndyCar die-hard

IndyCar fans are beginning to tire of what they see to be inconsistencies and favoritism from the people running the series.

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Motegi)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Motegi)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Motegi)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Motegi)

The fallacy of "The Best Drivers in the World"

The idea that one series or another has the "best drivers in the world" is a fallacy, a myth. Find out why at

Wheldon $5 million shot inadvertently makes gimmick more promotable

Randy Bernard's $5 million gamble at the IZOD IndyCar Series Championships at Las Vegas may still be a big winner.

2001: The bad year, and how Alex Zanardi saved it

While most Americans remember September 2001 as a time of national tragedy, there is another story from that time that was at once horrific and hopeful - the story of Alex Zanardi.

People of INDYCAR keep series' value high

One of the main reasons to stay a fan of IndyCar in turbulent times is the caliber of people who work in the sport.

Going rogue: The fallout from the errant safety truck at Baltimore

The driver of an errant safety truck at IndyCar's Baltimore Grand Prix has been suspended for two races. Pop Off Valve takes a closer look at the situation and Race Control's role in the near-miss.

Q&A with Common Sense about IndyCar Race Control

Pop Off Valve interviews Common Sense to see what she thinks of the rationalizations issued by IndyCar Race Control about their decision-making recently.

WHAT WE LEARNED: Baltimore GP equal parts WIN and WTF

Baltimore put on a tremendous show for the IZOD IndyCar Series - Pop Off Valve looks at the aftermath.

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Baltimore)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview: Baltimore

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Baltimore)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Baltimore)

WHAT WE LEARNED: "I appreciate a lack of overtaking on a totally different level than you do."

When IndyCar puts on a competent but sterile event, do you try to fix the event to make it more thrilling, or do you learn to appreciate the nuances better?

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Sears Point)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Sears Point)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Sears Point)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Sears Point)

How the IndyCar paddock can pull together to fill the post-Danica vacuum

Pop Off Valve examines how the IndyCar paddock can fill the void left by Danica Patrick's impending departure.

Enforcement inconsistency betrays trust between series and drivers

The powers-that-be in IndyCar run the risk of losing the trust of the paddock after years of inconsistency and shifted blame.

Five reasons to take a couple of steps back from the ledge

In the midst of controversy and pessimism, there are bright spots to the 2011 IndyCar season - read on to find out more.

WHAT WE LEARNED: "Baghdad Brian" thinks we're all pretty stupid

Look out, Brian Barnhart - Pop Off Valve lets fly with both barrels on the inadvisable late-race restart in the rain in New Hampshire!

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (New Hampshire)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (New Hampshire)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (New Hampshire)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (New Hampshire)

IndyCar and ABC/ESPN renew relationship for six years despite fan backlash

What's not to like about six more years of IndyCar on ABC and ESPN? A lot, according to fans.


If you ever wanted to know what a two-hour yawn feels like, you should have watched yesterday's IndyCar race at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Mid-Ohio)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Mid-Ohio)

Brickyard triumph provides long-awaited vindication for Menard

"Paul Menard? Really?" That was the response to the young Wisconsin driver's shock victory in the Brickyard 400 on Sunday.

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Mid-Ohio)

INDYCAR: Power Rankings (Mid-Ohio)

Brickyard 400 woes inspire deja vu for IndyCar fans

The recent struggles of the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race at Indianapolis are well-documented, but IndyCar fans are feeling a disturbing sense of deja vu about them.

WHAT WE LEARNED: Lukewarm Edmonton a dull ending to Canadian swing

The IZOD IndyCar Series race in Edmonton failed to capitalize on the controversy and excitement from two weeks ago in Toronto.

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Edmonton)

INDYCAR: Friday Pre-Race Preview (Edmonton)

Can Pastrana rally attention to IndyCar racing?

Extreme athlete Travis Pastrana will be a stunt-casting addition to both IndyCar and NASCAR this season. Will his huge fan base trickle down to these attention-starved sports?

Hardcore idiots disgrace IndyCar by their social media insults

The insults and flames directed at Al Unser Jr. following the Honda Indy Toronto not only resulted in Unser's departure from social media, but endangered the entire concept of social media accommodation from the sport.


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