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Driver Diaries

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Reflections on growing pains, mixed feelings, and progress

USF2000 driver Shannon McIntosh reflects on her first road course events, the growing pains of learning a new discipline, and the progress she made.

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Fully funded, fully psyched, fully prepared

Shannon McIntosh, up and coming open-wheel racer, blogs about her new ride with Cape Motorsports with Wayne Taylor Racing in the USF2000 National Championship.

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Staying true on the way up

Shannon McIntosh discusses staying true to oneself on the way up the racing ladder.

SHANNON MCINTOSH: New Year's resolutions, weaknesses, and learning life

Shannon McIntosh chimes in for one last driver diary before the new year.

SHANNON MCINTOSH: I have a "life coach"? YES!

Shannon McIntosh chimes in with another new driver diary about her relationship with sponsor Glass Hammer Racing.

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Organizing, prioritizing, and motivating the hell out of The Dream

Shannon McIntosh is back, and she's so motivational that Tony Robbins looks like a desperate glass-half-empty guy!

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Wielding the Glass Hammer, taming the Beast

Shannon McIntosh returns to Pop Off Valve to tell the story of how she tamed the Beast in a four-race deal with Glass Hammer Racing

SHANNON MCINTOSH: Peaks, valleys and everything in between

USAC hopeful Shannon McIntosh returns to Pop Off Valve to give us an insight into the ups and downs of pursuing a racing career.

Shannon McIntosh: Living the dream on the Road to Indy

USAC driver and Road to Indy hopeful Shannon McIntosh makes her debut as a driver diarist at Learn about one of IndyCar's brightest young hopefuls!